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How long does the preparation of a suit takes?

Our suits are being prepared by tailors with decades of experience for unique sizes, because of our precision it's time-consuming. It usually takes 2 month, however with special demands it can be more. If you need your custom-made suit in short deadlines, get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

How well will the suit fit my body shape?

The more we know of the physical features of our customer, the more perfect the suit will be. For a flawless fit, we recommend you to ask for personal size-measurements and you should also check in for a fitting at least once. For those customers, who do not have time, it is possible to measure your size by yourself and our pictures and videos of guidance can help you through this process. To make it even more efficient, you can upload pictures of yourself.

What happens when the suit doesn't fit properly?

During the preperation of your custom-made suit, you have the opportunity to try it out once or twice, which can subserve the perfect fitting. If you are not willing to access this service, you can also be sure that you will look much better in your suit than in the ready-to-wear sizes, because we create the custom-made suit for your own unique size. If you are not pleased with your suit, we will do everything to fix the problem.

Are these all the textils which are available?

We put a lot of effort and development in the 3D suit designer program. Currently you can choose from 75 patterns of different colours, the number of which will expand continuously in time. In our workshop, you can choose from more than 500 patterns, if you do not find the pefect one from the 75 most common colours. We only use materials shipped by SCABAL.

Can you only achieve the options, offered by the designer?

We created a designer-program, so that it can contain the most used and requested options. This means that it doesn't contain all the possible variations. You can expand your order with unique demands, which we will carry out with our best knowledge. Share with us your imaginations and we will help you to make create them.

If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us.

We are willing to do anything so that we can serve you with the answers you require, as soon as possible.