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About us

Starting designer suit

It is noticeable in Hungary, that the ready-to-wear sizes, or so called „quantity production” causes traditional garment-production to decay. The gentlemen's tailoring, as an activity and also as a concept is becoming extinct. Our idea was,to save or at least keep the faith in this profession as long as possible. The solution, where the old values are combined with the technology of the 21st century, originates from these thoughts. As a manufacturer, all procedures on the suits are carried out by hand. At the same time, we evolved the first 3D suit-designer program, with it’s help you can create your own special suit.

Our aim is not just to deliver the perfect fitting suit with fascinating quality, but also to deliver the tradition, the passion and the feeling. Our suits represent the values of the past in the present. We would like if appreciation, in the costumers' mind, would not only be associated with the brand, but with the quality of the invested effort. Elegance doesn't just depend on your wallet or where you live. Elegance is an attitude.

"There is no religion that gives you the kind of tranquility that dressing well does”. (Herbert Spencer)

6 reasons to choose us:

1. Consultation at your home or workplace: We do everything for our customers. We know how occupied you are, that is why we adapt to your schedule. We are willing to visit you personally, at the assigned address, so that you can enjoy our premium service from the comfort of your home. The needed measurements, are also taken place at the given address, just like the delivery of the suit is also organized to fit our customer’s requirements.

2. Selected materials: Due to decades of experience, we had the opportunity to select and stick with the best suppliers who deliver our specific quality requirements. From the thread, to the buttons, till the textile, all the components are first class.

3. Experience: Throughout the years, we could get acquainted with the new technics and technologies and we were able to acquire them. We had the chance to work with famous tailors and we got to experience numerous demands and preferences from our customer's side.

4. 3000 fabric samples: At our tailor-salon everyone can find the pattern and material of suit that they desire, depending on the occasion or the requirements of the customer. Every client is different, not just in sizes but also in style. This is why it is essential to have a wide range of choice.

5. Styling: Many of our customers start by feeling confused and overwhelmed, they dont really know what they might actually want or what suit might fit them best. We are willing to get to know each and every one of our customer and their habits. With the knowledge gained, we create them their custom-made suits, which will perfectly represent our customers style and personality.

6. Homemade: Our gentlemen's tailor-salon creates custom-made suits, registered in Hungary.